Evidence of Absurdity







The idiocy in the picture below came about as a result of the US government telling children that they could protect themselves from a nuclear blast by hiding under their desks.

Duck and Cover - "when you see the flash"


In the history of absurdity, this one takes the biscuit!


The case of a pair of gay trainers

In May 2013, in a primary school classroom, a six year old boy told a class mate that his trainers were gay. The school took this 'thought crime' most seriously. The headteacher sent for a representative from Stonewall to address the whole school on this most serious of matters - obviously, it could get out of hand.

Get out of hand, that's what we call the use of idiom, meaning to become out of control, perhaps to run riot; imagine, children throughout the land might start using gay to mean rubbish, not good, not cool. Now, we can't have that, the word gay belongs to the homosexual community. The fact that children hijacked it two decades ago is neither here nor there - the word gay belongs to homosexuals and they don't want children using it to mean something bad because being a homosexual is not bad, its normal and natural and children need to understand this.

Well, clearly children don't give a toss about the sensibilities of the gay community and why should they. You can take yourself as serious as you like but there's no reason in the world why anyone should agree with you.

And most importantly, let's remind ourselves that the so-called gay community hijacked the word gay from happy people but it's probably not occurred to the man from Stonewall that gays are a bunch of thieving scoundrels. Homosexual activists do not realise the damage they have done. Heterosexuals can no longer describe the happiness of their temper, like the poets of old, as gay because everyone in the office will think that they have decided to 'come out'.

The little episode outlined above provides ample enough evidence that we are living through a time of absurdity.

The Mullah of all Diversity

The police in particular live in fear of the Equality and Human Rights Commission. One time Kent police chief, Richard Brunstrom, turned into a mad mullah from some comic book. One of his antics was to offer an essay prize to young children on the subject of hate crime. This was all to do with the mullah's efforts to toady to the Stonewall lobby in celebration of lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender (LGBT) history. The whole project was designed to increase respect and understanding of LGBT issues among youngsters.

And it's the minds of the young that the Jesuits need to reach, as they tell authors of children's books that they must have happy endings, to avoid upset and they tell teachers to negotiate an accommodation with kids rather than telling them how to behave.

A world where no one loses?

Imagine, you're nine years old and two nice female PCSOs come to your school and invite you to take part in an anti-bullying poster competition.

So you and the other kids in your class set to work - you produce a meritorious masterpiece that Saatchi & Saatchi would pay fortunes for and the doodling idiot next to you produces a dog's dinner that only a Guardian art critic would think worth a second glance.

Judgement day, the certificates are being given out; your certificate says: First Place Award, excellent - the nitwit's certificate says the same.

Perhaps the art critic from the Guardian was the competition judge, no matter, you receive first prize, a 45 piece art set. Your less than artistic companion collects no prize.

At some point later both children are at home, explaining how they both came first in the drawing competition to combat bullying but one of them received a fine prize and the other nothing. Also, on that same day, several children went home to report their First Place Awards in the competition.

'We'll have no losers here'

This school of thought is just confusing children, not to mention their mums and dads. Winning and losing are facts of life, schools would have more chance of combating bullying if they focused on the positive aspects of competition, the need to be mentally and physically strong and stopped pretending that everyone can be a winner.




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