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Tell 'em to keep their patronage!

If you would like to sample some patronage, try some afternoon TV. All the adverts are aimed at Old People. It will be either charities for cats, dogs and over worked donkeys tugging at your heart strings or insurance companies trying to separate you from your cash by planting a guilty seed in your mind, how dare you die without paying for your departure?


Note: Python man, John Cleese is also now selling death insurance? You will not be getting a free pen, just for enquiring.







© Kendosan 2018

Are you tired of Waiting for Gogot

Tired of the 20th century modernist claptrap that contemporary politics is unable to shake off. A politics that delivers nothing is absurd and eCAP rejects absurdity. The bones of Beckett's work has been picked over by a million students wasting their time, just like the two tramps Waiting for Godot.

The party aims to create a Convivial Society to replace the technological nightmare that outdated modernist thinking is busy creating, while the billionaires are preparing to fly away from the mess they have made of our world, as they board Virgin Galactic in search of somewhere else to destroy.


Elderly Citizens' Action Party



Working towards the creation of a convivial society



We are rejectionists
and we intend to
"rage against the dying of the light"
we intend to
"burn and rave at the close of day",

we do not intend to
"go gentle into that good night".

Thanks to Dylan Thomas there, for lending the party a few supporting words.


Also, thanks to Gil Scott-Heron for reminding us that...

The revolution will not go better with Coke
The revolution will not fight the germs that cause bad breath
The revolution WILL put you in the driver's seat

The revolution will not be televised


Start rejecting now and join eCAP.


Feedback Page

Beware the obvious before someone sneeks up and pokes you in the eye and before you can say ouch, I'll say, "serves you right, if it was that obvious, why didn't you see it coming"?