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A bit of history

stop-signLet's be clear, there's nothing new about absurdity but the current bout stems from the 1920s, to a bunch of good old boys called the Frankfurt School, who spent most of their time confusing themselves (and everyone else) by writing books that no-one really understood about the fusion of individualism in Freud's work and the collectivism of revisionist Marxism. Revision in the sense of shifting the focus from the economic to the the culture of ideas, that is, how ideas are generated as mechanisms of control.

Back then, the debate was about toeing the party line, making the right noises within earshot of the commissars of fascism in Germany and the USSR. However, what we also see occurring is a distortion of classical Marxism as it morphs into so-called Cultural Marxism. The latter was supposedly providing an analysis of power within society but ended up breeding feminism, gay rights, civil rights, equal rights and laws, laws policed by commissions to ensure correct behaviour. Deep irony, nearly one hundred years on, the fascist commissars have been replaced by commissions.

Meanwhile, 7% of the population own 84% of the nation's wealth ... so much for the value of the analysis provided by Cultural Marxism as it became an accepted field of study in Britain's universities, under the guise of cultural studies - what a success story.

Hitting a Stonewall

Stonewall came into being in 1989 as a part of the struggle, to combat Section 28 of the Local Government Act, (that's how Stonewall itself describes its starting point).

The Act was introduced to prevent the promotion of homosexuality in schools; but the 'strugglers' thought that it stigmatised gay people and it galvanised the gay community into action.

The rest is history, Section 28 disappeared and Stonewall grew and grew, taking on the remit to campaign/lobby on all matters related to gay rights - they also make school visits.

Michael Gove goes all gay

Education Secretary, Michael Gove, declared war, whilst addressing a Stonewall gathering, on the ‘utterly outrageous and medieval’ use of the word ‘gay’ as an insult.

Mr Gove's declaration serves to illustrate that his grasp of history is wanting, the word gay was never used as an insult in the medieval period. Be reminded that this is the man who has been strident in his determination to reshape the school history curriculum, twice a year at least. And yet he hasn't a clue about the historical usage of the word 'gay' as an insult.

Why does he mention the word medieval in his outburst, this could lead those with no grasp of history to believe that the medieval period was a time of anarchic menace, when children described the things they disliked as gay.

How can a minister of the British state, responsible for education, be so foolish that he cannot recognise the irony of railing against the pejorative use of the word gay and failing to recognise his own pejorative use of the word medieval.

The medieval period laid the foundations for all the privileges that he and all his short-trousered chums enjoy today. Gove uses the term medieval to mean primitive and unenlightened, adding further distortion to the historical record that he insists that our children imbibe.

Leaning to think right

be correctThe Equality and Human Rights Commission, came into being in 2007, think of it as a mega-quango, it was set up to correct citizen behaviour and distort the language so that citizens 'think-right'. Unlike the majority of quangos, that just exist to carry out government bidding and deflect criticism, the EHRC has legal powers to intervene and to issue compliance orders to ensure that public bodies keep a framework document on every bookshelf and run diversity workshops.

The Human Rights Commission has spawned a thousand agencies with tentacles that spread virus like into the private lives of citizens, resulting in a crisis of confidence and uncertainty. Did anyone ask small people if they wanted the Brighton dwarf throwing competition banned? Franz Kafka would have recognised this place, where anonymous button pushers pursue, with Jesuit zeal, the defence of diversity, and nobody appears to know how we arrived in this land of absurdity.

The Masters of Diversity

The Equality and Human Rights Commission has the responsibility to protect, enforce and promote equality across the seven 'protected' grounds - age, disability, gender, race, religion and belief, sexual orientation and gender reassignment. They do this protecting in a place called Equality Land - a kind of Tolkien middle-earth.

The Commission had 14 apostles at the end of 2010, who were asked to re-apply for their jobs, five left the sanctuary of the cathedral to wander abroad in sackcloth and ashes. Their high priest, Trevor Phillips got his job back automatically - as did his deputy. New Labour decided to slim down the number of apostles to 11 hence, apostle re-selection has now left the Commission two short, which means that some of those protected grounds will be left without cover.




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We have already seen the word 'kids' banned in schools and the word pupil is frowned on in school reports. Several years back teachers were encouraged to refer to all school children as students, whether they were studious or not.