Merkel came to Britain in Nov' pleading with Cameron not to leave the EU..... Well, who else will take in all those Romanians and Bulgarians queuing up across the Channel.

The European Union continues its dissent into chaos but the politicians and the eurocrats pretend it's not happening, as the citizens of Greece eat from the garbage bins and the Spanish organise raids on supermarkets and the young people of Portugal are packing to leave. So that's all right then, meanwhile the hideous EU fishing quotas continue to force fisherman to catch fish then throw them back, dead. Makes perfect sense, unless you're a fish in the wrong net and the EU continues to dump its food mountains on Africa, keeping prices artificially high in the Union, whilst making local produce in Africa uncompetitive, so farmers go out of business and their children go hungry. Oh, the marvels of the European Union.

Where's our referendum, Mr Cameron?



Dave Brubeck - Take Five

Fontella Bass - Rescue Me


Oik scuppers Boat Race


Egads, an oik (identified as Trenton Oldfield, a self-proclaimed 'anti-elitist') in the water bobbed up in front of the Oxford ores and caused a great scuppering of the annual Oxford/Cambridge boat race.

The BBC news described it as chaos, a tad extreme... what it was, was a bloody nuisance for people waiting to the watch the BBC's coverage of the following programme, Masters Golf from Augusta.


Obama Second Term


Obama got re-elected by a large margin, forcing the GOP to go away and have a long think about their dismal messages, as well as, their ignorance of American demography. Straightforwardly, Obama won because he got the Latino vote, the fastest growing minority segment of the US population. All Mr Romney managed to do was upset every minority in America - he will of course be 'disappeared', that's how the Republican Party deals with losers.

Common Purpose & Lonmin plc

August - South Africa

In criminal law, the doctrine of common purpose or joint enterprise refers to the situation where two or more people embark on a project that results in the commission of a crime. In the latest turn of events in South Africa 270 striking miners have been charged with common purpose - charged with being responsible for the deaths of 34 fellow strikers shot down by the police.

What kind of insanity is this? Channel 4 news said the law of common purpose was a throw back to the days of apartheid, wrong! Common Purpose can be found on the statute books of most democracies, waiting to be invoked in support of the capitalists' purpose. Amidst this latest mad twist in the Lonmin saga mediators are working overtime to forge a deal on pay for the striking miners, i.e. the miners not accused of murdering the people shot dead by the police.

Police Tasered blind stroke victim


Colin Farmer, 61, a blind stroke victim, out for a stroll was Tasered by police, who mistook his white stick for a Samurai sword. Once on the ground, Mr Farmer was pounced on and handcuffed.

This incident calls into question the state of the police officer's eyesight, the officer must have been short sighted, given that the range of the X25 is a mere 21 yards.

Science Fiction


The Higgs boson particle - or 'God particle' as the papers called it - was observed in July, in one of the biggest scientific breakthroughs of recent years - apparently, but since they were not actually able to show us one - we don't believe them. The best they could do was to produce a chart of the incident, showing an unexpected blip and that equals a five-sigma level of certainty - don't you know!

Al-Megrahi Sleeps with the Fishes


Abdelbaset al-Megrahi, the only man convicted of the 1988 bombing over Lockerbie of American PanAm flight 103 which killed 270 people, died. He took everything he knew with him. And Scottish Justice Secretary Kenny MacAskill had his first good nights sleep since he took the decision 'all on his own', to release Megrahi.

Stolen Books


The government was not keen to engage with public concern, over public library closures. Brent Council used the cover of darkness to remove all the books from Kensal Rise library to ensure that it would never be re-opened. The building, owned by All Soul’s College in Oxford, has been given back to the college. Vandals at Brent Council has now closed six libraries and hope to save £1m to spend on diversity workshops.

Another Fine Mess Cruddas


Peter Cruddas, Tory party treasurer, was caught out on camera telling undercover Times' reporters that he could arrange dinners with Cameron and Osborne for £250,000.

Specifically, Cruddas's conversation with the reporters leaves you in little doubt that the Tory government can be bought, that anyone with enough cash can shape policy making.

Having been caught out, Cruddas then resigned, making an idiot's apology.

DesRes for Sale


On the very day that Operation Weeting swept into Chipping Norton to scoop up some more discarded dregs from Murdoch's News International hacking ring, our great leader 'call me Dave' fled to America to 'friend up' the man with a $40 dollar haircut, Barack Obama.

The Weeting cops culled 'Champagne Charlie' Brooks and Simply Red frontman look alike, Rebekah Brooks - and four other unnamed suspects, arrested for perverting the course of justice, sounds serious.

Life for Brooks and Brooks is looking less than rose tinted. How long will it be we wonder, until we see a For Sale sign outside Dave's desres, two miles up the road from the Brooks's estate and how long before the rest of the Chipping Norton Set decamps.

50 Years for Charles "Ghankey" Taylor


Former Liberian President Charles Taylor has been jailed at the UN-backed special court for Sierra Leone in the Hague for aiding and abetting war crimes during Sierra Leone's civil war. Taylor will be jailed in the UK for 50 years. Apparently, the Hague court doesn't do executions.

A Rat in the headlights


The former editor of the Sun newspaper Kelvin MacKenzie repeatedly refused to answer questions about his lying coverage of the Hillsborough football tragedy. Then, in December, he popped out of his rat hole, to lambaste the North for leeching off of the South-East, suggesting that without the creative and hard-working strivers of London and the home counties, everywhere, North of Watford, would have a GDP the size of Ethiopia.

Well, the rat was wrong about the football fans at Hillsborough and he's wrong again. In fact, all those socialists up north would have an economy the size of Canada, poor old Ethiopia would be about 90 places down the league table.

Get back in your rat hole Kelvin before someone from Eddie Stobart runs you over.

PCC Elections


The government wasted £100m on the election of Police and Crime Commissioners across 41 English regions. The turnout was low across the board, many people didn't even know the elections were taking place; so much for local democracy.

The good news, however, is that in Humberside, where the turnout was highest at 18%, John 'two jags' Prescott had to eat the humble pie of failure.


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4G Roll Out

On 30 October, EE – the company that owns Orange and T-Mobile in the UK – launched its fourth generation (‘4G’) service in 10 cities with the promise of much faster broadband speeds on the move.

Its main rivals – Vodafone and O2 – complained that EE has been allowed to launch its services ahead of the competition. That’s because it had some spare spectrum available (spectrum being the radio waves that mobile phone companies license to deliver mobile services). So if you have a contract with another operator you’ll need to wait until 2013 before you can get 4G - contain yourself.

Meanwhile a uSwitch study noted: The fast and slow of it..

Cromarty Road in Stamford, Lincolnshire, has an average speed of 0.132Mbps, while Willowfield, in Telford and Wrekin, has registered speeds of 70.9Mbps over the past six months, found.

At these speeds it would take Willowfield residents 2.49 minutes to download a two hour film, and 11 seconds to download a music album, while Cromarty Road residents would need 25 hours and 15 minutes to download a two hour film, and one hour and 41 minutes to download the same album.


Deceased: Russell Means


Means, it was he who played Chingachgook in the Last of the Mohicans, was a real activist for Native Americans, having led the 71 day armed siege at Wounded Knee in 1973, site of the white mans' slaughter of the Sioux.

New Archbishop of Canterbury


The Bishop of Durham, accepted the post of Archbishop of Canterbury. The question now is, can he save the Anglican Church from irrelevant oblivion. And by the way, irrelevant oblivion is far worse than straightforward oblivion because in the former case, no one notices the thing disappear.


How does an Islamist say thank you?

He kills your ambassador.....but it could have been prevented.

August - Libya

Ambassador Chris Stevens and three other American officials died as gunmen fired rocket-propelled grenades and set fire to the US compound in Benghazi.

It had been thought it was a spontaneous protest provoked by an American-made anti-Islam film, which is being promoted on YouTube and which insults the Prophet Mohammed.

This was, of course, nonsense, Mr Stevens was targeted by the Islamists for being American and worse the CIA and Mr President knew about it three days before the murders and did nothing to protect their people.


Andrew Mitchell: "Don't You Know Who I Fucking Am, you Pleb?"


Mitchell apologised for his behaviour but he denied swearing at the police, and he denied calling the policeman, who wouldn't let him ride his bike out of the main entrance to Downing Street, a pleb. Which rather raises the question as to why he was apologising. It was suspected he was a serial apologiser and the public were cautioned not to approach him, to avoid the possibility of an unsolicited apology.

Fast forward to December and the public were shown CCTV footage of Mitchell leaving Downing Street - it didn't look like he was having an argument with anyone but by now nobody cared.

Call Me Dave sacked Mitchell, it's his problem.


Empty Seats and Shuttlecock Cheats

The World Badminton Federation have made a complete mess of the Olympic badminton competition, by introducing a preliminary group format. The idea behind this experiment was to give lesser players more time playing. Now, we all know that football has been using the preliminary group format for years, so that England can at least play a couple of games. However, the football version doesn't allow much scope for losers to decide who they will play at the next stage. No matter, safe to say the WBF will not be experimenting any more.

Many people, i.e. Olympic experts have been saying that we should not be blaming the shuttlecock cheats, four pairs of top players, who have now been sent home for throwing their matches in the hope of a good draw in the next round. Apparently, it was only natural to try and cheat your way to success if the system allows you to do this because winning is everything no matter how you achieve that; there is no Olympic spirit, no moral code, no personal integrity, only scheming and scamming, afterall that's what everyone else does, bankers, politicians, builders, clerics, etc., why should Olympic players be any different.

The media made much of all those expensive empty seats at Olympic venues but Locog dreamed up a plan to fill these seats with volunteers dressed as elite Olympic family members - very cunning Seb.

Pat Finucane: State Cover-up and Collusion


Finucane was killed in 1989 and it's a fair bet that everyone involved in his slaying - shot six times in the head, in his home, in front of his wife and children - are still alive and covering-up and colluding. The Saville Report left us in no doubt that Finucane was executed by the State. Will Cameron have the courage to bring anyone to justice.


Gotcha... Starmer goes after Huhne


It's only taken 8 years but at last the DPP has finally found the guts to go after alleged points flipper Huhne. Director of Public Prosecutions, Keir Starmer, said the Liberal Democrat MP and his ex-wife Vicky Pryce would both be charged with perverting the course of justice.

Perverting the course of justice is a pretty serious offence and could carry a hefty prison sentence, especially for someone who keeps claiming to be innocent.
However, a better description of Huhne would be childlike rather than innocent. Since only a village idiot or a child would imagine that Keir Starmer would make a very public announcement about charging you if he wasn't two hundred percent certain of getting a conviction.

Huhne resigned as Energy Secretary, so that he could concentrate on his defense - time waster!

Eric Joyce: drunken thug says he's ashamed


MP Eric Joyce, who beat up four people in a Common's bar, says that he's reflecting on his drinking problem. He's also reflecting on his anger management issues.

Many people are asking why he wasn't kicked out of Parliament. The answer's simple, you can't sack an MP unless he steals the crown jewels or gets imprisoned for more than a year. Joyce's violence only got him a pathetic community order, a pub curfew, and a small fine.

London's Burning


AssetCo, the company that provides and maintains London’s fire engines, off-loaded its entire UK fleet for just £2 to private equity firm AB&A Investments. The management of the London Fire Service have transferred the great confidence that they misplaced in AssetCo to AB&A.


Sandy Hook Massacre


Following the death of 20 children and 6 of their teachers the National Rifle Association of America told us it's not guns that kill people but insanity.

Perhaps they should stop selling guns to mad people. Or better still stop selling guns to anyone. Or even better, stop making guns. Some might find that an insane suggestion, however, it would solve the problem a lot quicker than waiting for someone to find a cure for madness.

From Mervyn to Mark

The head of the biscuit committee at the Bank of England, Mervyn King is set to be replaced by Mark Carney.

Chancellor George Osborne told us that Carney was the best man in the world for this job. We think he was just being silly again.

Boy George managed to turn Carney into a comic book creation, claiming he managed to save Canada during the global meltdown. In fact, he didn't have to because Canadian banks were no where near as reckless as those here. So Carney may have to earn his money here, doing stuff like not raising interest rates and printing some money but he will be well rewarded with digestives.






Annual Review 2012

Quote of the Year

Francis Maude "a bit of extra fuel in a jerry can in the garage is a sensible precaution to take"


2012 Progress To Date: Zero

The purpose of the Annual Review is to gauge social progress over the past year. Is the planet a better place, are fewer children dying needlessly, are the war mongers taking more holidays, are they turning their swords into ploughshares, are there fewer greedy bastards picking the pockets of the gullible, are the vulnerable and helpless being treated with more dignity, are the police more honest, are they less self-serving..... you could fill up your hard disk with questions like these.... questions that all have the same answer, no!

That twerp Cameron still doesn't know what end of a pasty to eat first but he's still in charge of the country. However, having surrounded himself with the strangest bunch of misfits ever, if he left No. 10 tomorrow, he could start his own freak show. If you are reading this from elsewhere in the universe, be aware, things here in the UK are not getting any better - there's been no improvement since last year - no, the situation's worse. In fact, there's been no progress anywhere on planet Earth. Except, that somehow, the profile of Paralympians was raised by about mile at the London Olympics from the disgrace of passed efforts. This now means that all host countries will have to, at the minimum, equal the London performance. That does not of course mean that life will become any less difficult for disabled people - life's not that simple - so no real progress on the streets.

Apart from a few confused former Marxists and everyone in the Coalition Government, it would be hard to argue that the quality of life has improved in any measurable sense, except by happenstance. The marvels of modern medicine may mean that everyone is living longer, just to get beaten up in some care home or hospital. Mr Cameron says it's a disgrace but does nothing about it.

A Couple of reasons we are not making progress....


Mark Rothko

In May, Sunset-hued Orange, Red, Yellow sold for £53.9 million at a Christie’s auction in Manhattan’s Rockefeller Center. In October, a man from the Yellowism movement defaced another Rothko at the Tate (value £9m). They say the cost of repair will be £200,000 - you'll be paying for that.






Kapoors Tower

"Up close the steel tubes that have been bolted together to create Anish Kapoor and Cecil Balmond's homage to the architecture of dreams are not merely red, as they appear from a distance. They are deeply, organically, warmly and carnally red, a red of freshly exposed arteries and organs...."

Well that's the Guardian's view, here's another view, it's a pile of junk, a waste of £22 million, (even if most of the money came from steel billionaire Lakshmi Mittal) just one large mocking piss take.

And they charged Olympic visitors £15 per adult and £7 per child to compound the injury....

Dog wins Britain's Got Talent


There were signs of hope for Britain in 2012, we had proof perfect that the viewing public got the joke, as they voted overwhelmingly to crown a dog BGT champion. It is now rumoured that the dog is considering his future and may turn his attention to politics next. You read it here first! Should Deputy Prime Minister Nick Clegg be worried, we think so.


The Tory mission to make the public sector disappear continued apace.


The Tories are selling the prisons now. The running of the South Yorkshire cluster of three prisons had been put out to tender as part of the largest wave of prison privatisation so far. Nine prisons are involved in this round of prison competition, which was launched last July.

HM Prison Service is bidding for the 15-year contracts to run all the jails in partnership with Mitie Group, an outsourcing and energy services company, (obviously experts in running prisons).

A probation trust is signing a "teaming agreement" with G4S, this is believed to be unprecedented and appears to have taken the justice ministry by surprise.

What is different about the bid is that the probation trust will not be a sub-contractor to the private security company but will have a seat on the G4S board and be involved in managing the prisons.

It is believed that South Yorkshire probation trust has submitted plans not only to manage offenders and run programmes to reduce reoffending rates as part of the joint G4S bid, but also on the wider management of the jails.

The justice ministry's competition strategy makes clear that the nine jails being put out to tender out of 136 prisons in England and Wales are only a first wave. The public sector is expected to win some of the bids.

The strategy document said that grouping some of the prisons together, as in South Yorkshire, "enhances the potential for innovative delivery models and economies of scale"

(Tory speak for 'That's what it says here in the mad right-wing economists' book of intended outcomes - no evidence required').

Outsourcing policing, the story continues....


Police forces in London and the West Midlands are in discussions with private security companies to take over various policing functions.

Apparently, ACPO, the senior police chief officers association, are supporting the privatization schemes. However, they don't have much choice, funding is being cut by the Tory government and penny pinching is the order of the day.

They are saying that these private firms will not be doing the jobs that public expect a PC to do and that they will be confined to routine office jobs and legwork. But they could also be involved in criminal investigations, patrolling neighbourhoods and detaining suspects.

How long will it be before we see an extension of their role as private policeman, one step removed from the Chief Constable's reach. How long will it be before the line of accountability is crossed and Lincolnshire model is adopted. (see G4S below)

Oddly, ACPO representatives are claiming that these contracts with private firms will still save money after the cuts are taken into account and that the money saved can be used to improve frontline police functions.

Note: in Sutton policing has already been privatized.


G4S has signed the deal, thought to be the first of its kind, with Lincolnshire Police Authority in a move which could save the force £28 million, the firm said.The firm has signed a contract to build, design and help run a police station.

From April 1, and for at least the next 10 years, G4S Policing Support Services will also provide Lincolnshire Police with administrative and operational services including human resources, IT, fleet management, custody services and firearms licensing.

All very interesting but the private sector have often made big promises about what it will save the tax payer but the supposed saving rarely materialize without the service declining substantially.

A4e on the fiddle?

Four former A4e employees were arrested over fraud allegations. A4e is one of the Government's chosen providers for their Work Programme, designed to get long term benefits claimants back to work.

A4e is run by Emma Harrison, Mr Cameron's "Families Champion" - she has now resigned from the role.

Over the past five years A4e have had to pay money back several times following fraud investigations.

Well done Dave, another triumph for privatization.


Foxconn: workers threaten suicide


Just imagine London's underground tube workers saying that if their pay demands were not met that they would kill themselves on mass. The British media would go into an orgasmic frenzy.

And yet, in China, workers for Foxconn, makers of Microsoft's XBox 360, said that unless they received the pay they are owed, they would throw themselves from the roof of Foxconn's factory. The British media didn't mention this event.

Foxconn are one of the big dogs in electronics manufacture, supplying Apple, Dell, Nintendo, Microsoft, Hewlett-Packard and Nokia.

You might be forgiven for thinking that with a name like Foxconn that we are here talking about a US company, forget it, Foxconn is run by Hon Hai Precision.

And Hon Hai are no strangers to worker suicide, in fact, it's all part and parcel of industrial relations in China. Their latest move to improve working conditions is to place nets around their factories to catch suicidal workers. In fact, the chairman of Hon Hai, Terry Gou, is pleased that the suicide rate at his factories is below China's average.

And the message for Microsoft customers is - 'be calm' Microsoft take worker deaths seriously and they are investigating. However, since Foxconn supply everyone in the electronics market, customers can hardly switch to a more ethically inclined high street name.

Child Abuse


In May 2012 nine men received heavy jail sentences for their part in a child sexual exploitation gang that groomed young vulnerable girls in Rochdale. Later in the year there were more arrests and charges relating to grooming and child abuse in the Rochdale area.

The air waves were full of revelations about the open and secret world of Jimmy Savile, who died in October last year but nobody at Blast-It noticed. At least 400 people have come forward to report abuse by Savile over 50 years and more. Then, the full extent of a massive cover up over the abuse of children in North Wales homes came to into the public domain.

In all these cases, the children were not listened to, child care professionals performed hopelessly, the police were less than scrupulous when they did investigate, and many people buried their heads in the sand.

A number of inquiries and investigations have been begun but based on past evidence, the chance that anything will change is slight.

Uncovering Police cover-ups

Twenty Twelve saw a spate of revelations concerning police corruption and inefficiency, combined with a couldn't care less attitude. The continuing and unfolding nastiness of Jimmy Savile has revealed that the police were disregarding and unbelieving of complainants; and sloppy with evidence. Leveson was supposed to be looking into the dodgy links between the police and the press but those who couldn't be bothered to look at the evidence have been allowed to waltz off with their pensions without punishment. After 23 years we got a little nearer the truth of what happened at Hillsborough, that is, the failure of policing on the day and the attempt by the police to cover up their failings, at the highest level.

Two years after Ian Tomlinson died, following an attack by Simon Harwood, the Met Police sacked Harwood, it was judged that his actions against Tomlinson amounted to gross misconduct; he will keep his police pension. Although, Harwood's attack was filmed for the world to see, police officers who witnessed the assault first hand, backed up Harwood's version of events leading to the attack, insinuating provocation and a policeman in fear of his life. It took two years to reach this judgment on Harwood, police reports were fabricated, and evidence was destroyed by the pathetic Freddie Patel, now struck off the medical register. With Harwood's track record of violence, what was he doing at a G20 gathering, and why was the autopsy given to Patel, he had a hopeless track record. Looking for answers to these questions will be unfruitful, unless one day someone involved has an attack of conscience.


George Entwistle


Medical experts are convinced no one as stupid as Entwistle could have managed to exit the revolving doors to enter the BBC in the first place and some press hacks are suggesting that Entwistle may never have been the Beeb's director general.

Following mistakes at Newsnight over the Savile scandal and his own ignorance, the BBC's director general fell on a plastic sword, borrowed from Andrew Mitchell. The blow was tempered by his money belt, containing an ugly half a million pound get lost payment.

Entwistle had this to say:

"In the light of the fact that the director-general is also the editor-in-chief and ultimately responsible for all content; and in the light of the unacceptable journalistic standards of the Newsnight film broadcast on Friday 2nd November, I have decided that the honourable thing to do is to step down from the post of director-general."

It certainly was the honourable thing to do for the man who knew nothing, which is quite ironic when you consider that Entwistle was the controller of BBC Knowledge before he got the top job.

Lord Patten, BBC Trust chairman, said the trustees will not follow a lengthy search and interview process for the next director general, they intend to give the job to the doorman.


Dave's New Year Message

This is the second year that our leader Mr Cameron has taken to addressing the nation, we think he may be taking his fascination with all things American a bit far. Last year he told us:

"I know that if we lift our eyes to the other side we have it in our power to come through this stronger, better balanced, focused on what this fantastic country does best."

This year's message is a bit less Nostradamus but he does pop in a little forecast, the debt will be £13bn smaller in another 12 months. Cunningly, he didn't say what debt he was talking about, which is just as well because he does tend to get confused over the structural deficit and the national debt. You'd think those scallywags at the Treasury would make it easy for him by calling one the little debt and other one the big debt - bastards.

He told us that the reason why the debt was getting smaller was because his government were nolonger prepared to pay people not to work - which what that Labour lot did apparently. No, his lot were going to be cruel to be kind and take away their benefits, which is what the people of this land want - and just in case they don't know what want, the Tory party have kicked off a nationwide advertising campaign, reminding hard working families about what they believe in regard to benefit scroungers. (Dave did not mention these advertising reminders - probably didn't have the space in his short message.)

He was at pains to tell us that we are heading in the right direction, on the right track, and unlike that Nostradamus, Dave had the evidence - although there wasn't much. He mention the £13bn less debt but a forecast isn't evidence, he mention the half a million jobs that have been created. Marvelous, no detail though; were the jobs part-time, short-term, minimum wage service sector? No matter, good sound bite but not really evidence of a success story.

Moving on, we are building a world class education system. World class, when you think about it, doesn't actually mean anything. I mean there's nothing to compare it to, there's no such thing as a world class education system, some countries have developed education systems that serve their needs and others haven't - we haven't. But all those academies, there's a thousand more now will fix things because according to Dave their results are better than other types of schools. Not better than private schools obviously, not better that the best comprehensives obviously, just better. Ah, but happens when all schools are academies, will all schools be better when they have a new name, uniform and are being run by some private equity cowboys. Still, teachers now have more power to deal with discipline problems and we a new, tougher exams system - oh, yes!

And why do we need this world class education system. We need it because we are in a race with the rising economies of the east, a race to build jobs and opportunities. That's the challenge, wake up Britain and happy new year.































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