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Tory Leadership Election, runners and riders

Mrs May told she was standing down on Friday 24 May and half the Tory party popped up to declare their candidacy. In fact, not all of those below have declared for the top job but they thinking about it.

Blast It’s Assessment

Michael Gove, environment secretary. Not ready yet for long trousers.

Matt Hancock, health secretary. The first MP to launch his own smartphone app in 2018, other than that he was once George Osborne’s tea boy.

Pulled out after first round disappointment.

Jeremy Hunt, foreign secretary, presided over the destruction of the health service, specifically he was at the helm when health students no longer received NHS bursaries and recruitment in the health service plummeted.

Boris Johnson, backbencher, this man is a disappointment as a human being, he’s a political clown who would not be able to get a job in the land of circuses.

Andrea Leadsom, former leader of the House of Commons, she made a fool of herself in the last leadership election, so why bother again. OUT and now backing Johnson.

Esther McVey, backbencher, quit as work and pensions secretary last November. She would be at home in a 1930s bierkeller. OUT

Dominic Raab, backbencher, briefly, Justice Minister, briefly, Brexit secretary. Briefly, he will be a contender.

Raab is out, he needed 33 votes in the second round of voting and only got 30. 18/06/19

Rory Stewart, international development secretary. Bit of a twit, said he would resign in a year as the Minister State for Prisons if he did not solve the prison crisis, he didn't. He got a new job, giving money away to dictators. However, Rory is becoming the general public's first choice but the public can't vote.

100/1 outsiders

Sir Graham Brady, backbencher, Conservative backbench 1922 Committee, that’s it, there’s no more - he’s got no chance. Never started. Still thinks he's Richard Burton.

Sajid Javid, home secretary. His dad was a bus driver and Sajid was credit trader at Deutsche Bank before jumping on the Westminster gravy train. No chance!

Penny Mordaunt, defence secretary, high profile leaver, she backed Leadson last time around. No chance! Never in. Saj supporter.

Priti Patel, right wing backbencher, went rogue as international development secretary by attending meetings she should not have. Clearly, a loose canon. No chance! Never in. Boris supporter.

Liz Truss, chief secretary to the Treasury, completely potty. No chance! OUT

Steve Baker, backbencher, ERG deputy chairman. It was his group the so-called European Research Group that made a monkey of Mrs May. So all together a nasty bunch. No chance!

Sam Gyimah, former universities minister, who quit over Mrs May's Brexit plans. He shouldn't even be in the race. Pulled out before the voting started.

James Cleverly is a former Vice Chair of the Conservative Party who advocated Brexit before the 2016 referendum. He represents Braintree in Essex. Thinks he is Barack Obama.

Time waster: pulled out on 04/06/19

Mark Harper, MP for the Forest of Dean was a minister in the Home Office and Department for Work and Pensions during the 2010-2015 coalition government. You'd think he'd want that removed from his CV. Never heard of him. Neither has the Tory party. Dumped after first vote.

Kit Malthouse became MP for North West Hampshire in 2015 and is now a housing minister. He thinks he's built houses than anyone in the history of house building. He also thinks he is famous because they named a Brexit ammendment after him called the 'Malthouse Compromise' - who cares?



Round One results


Thursday 20 June

After several rounds of voting Tory MPs selected Johnson and Hunt as the final two, who will then take part in 16 meeting with Tory voters across the country. The voters will select their preferred candidate by the end of July.




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