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For The Record: Cameron memoir


David Cameron's new memolr runs to 752 pages of regret for everything, except calling the 2016 referendum. Dave was paid more than £1000 per page for his regrets. Tony Blair was paid far more, around £5000 per page of regrets, except for the Iraq War. However, hang fire, if you are thinking of buying Dave's book, it will be appearing on the shelves of Poundland soon, along side Blair's 'My Journey'.

Manchester Arena: cover up


The Home Secretary has moved to cover up the shortcomings of the security services by not allowing the victims families to hear the evidence.

Bomber Abedi detonated a device at the end of an Ariana Grande concert on 22 May 2017, killing 22 and injuring hundreds. Abedi had been on the spooks watch list since 2014. They missed opportunities to thwart his murdering ambition. Now, spooks are claiming public interest immunity, i.e., making out that the truth of the way they dealt with Abedi was in the public interest to be kept secret.


Another Boris update


There's no doubt that Johnson will go down in history as the shortest lived prime minister ever. He kicked out 21 Tory MPs for voting against him, his brother resigned, Amber Rudd resigned. Opposition MPs passed a Bill to force him to ask for an extension to Article 50, until January 31. He says he would "rather be dead in a ditch". Sajid Javid, Chancellor of the Exchequer, says Boris will not break the law. No, he will wait until after the EU Summit in mid-October, when he expects to get a deal from the EU. If no deal appears, then he will decide to do something. What, you may wonder will he do, Saj didn't know. Well why would he, he's only Chancellor. 

The not so grand old Duke of York


Prince Andrew continues to deny any knowledge of the activities of his paedophile billionaire friend Jeffrey Epstein. Newspapers actually said he "strenuously denied ever seeing any behaviour of the sort that subsequently led to Epstein’s arrest".

Buckingham Palace has issued strong denials over allegations made by Virginia Roberts Giuffre that she was forced to have sex with Prince Andrew when she was 17 years old.

She claims she had sex with Andrew ‘three times, including one orgy’ in London, at Epstein’s home, and at an ‘orgy’ on his private island in the Caribbean.

Update: The travails of Boris


Like a greyhound out of the traps, Boris visited every corner of our Union. Every night on TV he was seen glad-handing in schools, hospitals, and factories across the land. Most importantly, every time he opened his mouth he repeated his pledge to leave the EU without a deal. Unless, of course, the EU changed their minds about the ‘backstop’. Boris’s Cabinet of Dudes were all on message, supplied by the snake oil salesman, Dominic Cummings. There were multiple pledges on increased spending on the NHS, policing, social care, education, as well as, a review into wasting billions on the Powerhouse ghost train; billions would be found in an instant. Straight from the pages of Marvel comics all of this made Mr Johnson seem like some kind of action man, clear about what needed to be done. And no need to worry over post-Brexit chaos, Gove was now in charge, busy sorting out the detail here, setting up a website to help everyone to ‘get ready’. In the last week of August, the EU were reviewing our readiness unimpressed. In particular, they commented on the lack of any Boris alternative to the Backstop.


Medicinal Cannabis, health watchdogs' failure


The Facts

Medicinal cannabis was legalised in November 2018

Chief Medical Officer, Dame Sally Davies, says cannabis should only be prescribed as a last resort. She said in 2019, however, in the run up to the legislation she said: "There was conclusive evidence of the therapeutic benefit of cannabis based medicinal products for certain medical conditions and reasonable evidence of therapeutic benefit in several other medical condition."

NHS doctors have been told not to prescribe it.

Currently, only two children are receiving NHS supplied cannabis oil.

Private doctors can prescribe, at £800 + a month

NICE has scanned the research and can't find evidence that it is better than existing (ineffective) available treatments, yet some countries like Canada have been using it for 20 years.

NICE failed to talk to a single person currently using medicinal cannabis in the UK.

Israel has a mountain of research but refuses to share it with the scientific community.

Users in the UK currently report an overwhelming improvement in the quality of their lives.

And, here's the killer... the UK is the world's biggest supplier of medicinal cannabis.

Notes: THC (Tetrahydrocannabinol) is the compound in cannabis which produces the effect of being “high” in recreational users”. For most purposes it is removed from medicinal use.


UKIP choose a new leader


Ukippers have chosen Richard Braine as their new leader. Richard is otherwise known as DickBrain, well what else would call someone who says he loves Carl Benjamin. You may recall it was Carl who publicly joked about raping Labour MP, Jess Phillips, and abusing young boys - which was OK because the ancient Greeks were keen on the practice. Benjamin is a fine complement to Mr DickBrain.

Sajid Javid learns a new word


Chancellor Saj, fresh from his GCSE economics class has picked up a new word: fundamentals. Whilst being roasted by Channel 4's Helia Ebrahimi over news of a GDP outcome of -0.2% for the last quarter, Saj said: "There are more people in work than ever before." And, "we have the lowest employment rate in 44 years." "We are not expecting a recession, the fundamentals are right."

Lies and inflation


“What we have seen under Conservatives in government is the basic state pension rise by over £1,450 per year”. Theresa May, 3 April 2019. The state pension actually rose by £550 - inflation was left out of the picture.

“Wages are rising at the fastest rate in a decade.” Chief Secretary to the Treasury Rishi Sunak MP, 1 August 2019. Rishi also had to forget about inflation to make his absurd claim.

Fiona Onasanya, episode 5


We had the lies, then the court case, then the jailing, then the ousting as an MP... and now, struck off as a solicitor. She was struck off at a disciplinary tribunal which found she had "failed to act with integrity", failed to "uphold the rule of law and proper administration of justice" and "acted dishonestly".

Note: good riddance

Raab tries to gaslight the nation



Having lost 'failing Grayling' the Nasty Party have found a suitable replacement in Turnip Raab. This man is suitably stupid, he doesn't appear to understand that the media are like Serengeti vultures, ever ready to pick over the carcase of his lying verbiage. On BBC Radio 4’s Today Programme, Raab tried to hoodwink the nation into believing that he and his silly pals were talking about a no-deal Brexit before the Referendum. The vultures must have consumed the record since no one can find any mention of this.

Note: Turnip was what EU negotiators called Raab, when he was briefly Brexit minister.

Bonkers Boris wins Tory vote


The 159,000 Tory members voting for the next leader of the Tory party have chosen Bonkers Boris to be their new leader - up the Brexit garden path.

Zombies choose new leader


Jo Swinson has won the Zombie Party's leadership election, becoming the party's first female leader in its 31-year history. Jo crushed her rival Ed Davey by a large margin. Jo said that she was prepared to work with anyone who was prepared to transfuse the party.


Corbyn's cleanup leaflet


The Labour Party have produced a three page leaflet to help to combat anti-Semitism in the party. You can just hear John Mcenroe, yelling "You cannot be serious." The leaflet tells us that there is no place for antisemitism and you need to understand it to defeat it. Good start, understanding but the leaflet provided little. If you think the children of Militant need to know that Edward I kicked all the Jews out in 1289, at least tell them why. Note: He did it to appease his knights, whom he was about to tax heavily and to claim all Jewish assets for himself.

The leaflet is a typical Corbyn half-hearted initiative.



Bonkers Boris found wanting


In an interview with Andrew Neal, Boris Johnson, our future prime minister, was asked why he put so much store in Paragraph 5b of GATT 24. Johnson told us that this will allow us to keep trading with the EU after October 31, when we leave. It is true we may continue to trade freely but only if the EU agree but why should they - they want May's deal. Then, Neal spun his trap, asking Bonkers, "What about Paragraph 5c?" Bonkers was clueless, he had not read nor and neither had he heard of it.

Note: 5c requires a detailed trade plan, negotiated between the EU and the UK and all we will end up with is a Canada style relationship, i.e., a second class trading arrangement.


Paedophile Vanessa George Released


The Parole Board's report said George had 'presented as showing remorse for her actions' during interviews. Her ex-husband said 'They're nuts, she's a con' artist. George was convicted for 7 years for sexual assault on young children in her charge as a nursery nurse. She had been attending classes designed to raise her self-esteem and this impressed the Board. The parents of the 30 children that George assaulted were not impressed.

Note: Justice Secretary David Gauke went into hiding.

Guake survives vote of no confidence


Justice Secretary David Gauke has survived a no-confidence vote by his constituency Conservative Association. Guake got the Justice job after years of saying "yes sir" more times than the man from TSB. School boy outfit were behind the dodgy vote in South West Hertfordshire to get rid of Guake, the remainer.

Note: was fined £70,000 in May 2018, for not reporting a massive over-spend to the Electoral Commission during the 2016 EU referendum. This campaign group was also fined £120,000 in 2019, along with Eldon Insurance owned by Arron Banks, for data breaches. The groups current campaign is to get a number of remainer Tory boys deselected.


Iran trumps Trump


President Trump said that he pulled back from starting WW3, after Iran shot down an unmanned drone, because his generals told him up to 150 people might perish. He appeared to the world as the dove of peace. This was a masterstroke as he kicked off his re-election campaign. However, Iran were quick to announce that they could have shot down a US war plane shadowing the drone but chose not to take American lives!

The Madness of Chuka Umunna


Umunna joined the Lib-Dems, aka, the Zombie Party having concluded that it was too difficult to “set up a fully fledged new party without an existing infrastructure”.

He was of course talking about the lunacy of setting up Change UK with a group of defectors from the main two parties. With dismal results in the Euro elections, the Change gang started arguing with each other. Five or six left to wander abroad, party-less. Hence, Chuka joined the Zombies because? “There is only room for one centre-ground (middle earth) party in the UK.”

Outstanding, this twit has been in Parliament for nine years and he’s only just discovered how the first past the post voting system disbars small parties.

Ed Davey, Lib-Dem leadership hopeful, praised the Streatham MP's "huge courage”. Piss off, if he had any guts he would allow the citizens of Streatham a by-election to let them decide if they still wanted the ex-Labour, ex-Change UK and Zombie MP to remain in his job.

Update: Change UK have been forced to change its name to The Independent Group for Change following a legal dispute with the website


Help To Buy Report


Help to buy

The National Audit Office have produced a new report on the Tory Help To Buy scheme. The Report tells us that the scheme has enabled house buying for first timers but the bulk of those using the scheme could well afford to buy without government help. The Report also notes that house builders profits have been significantly enhanced by the scheme and that a bubble has been created by the scheme. The government is set to phase out the scheme by 2023 and expected to get all its money back by 2032. However, if the housing market takes a downturn and we see a return to negative equity, the tax payer will take a massive bath. (That's it.)

Euro Election Results


The Brexit Party gained 29 seats, the Lib-Dems got 16, Labour 10, The Greens 6, and the Tories 4. Ukip got wiped out. The Brexit party now thinks that it is entitled to take part in Brexit negotiations. No one has told them, the time for talking is over. And Change UK, the great hope for middle earth, failed to inspire voters.


May Resigns


She will quit as Conservative leader on 7 June. She stood outside No.10 on Friday morning retelling what a marvelous job she had managed since becoming the PM in 2016. None of which bore any resemblance to reality. She then crumbled back into No.10. She was hopeless but she was also helpless, surrounded by a pack of rats.


Return of the Bill v.4


Theresa May has a "new and improved" Brexit deal. This will be offered to the Commons on June 6. May is trying to sell the deal as a "bold offer". According the voice of the Tories Rory Stewart, version 4 of the Bill will include extra guarantees on workers' rights. He believes that this may sell it to Labour MPs but Mr Corbyn said he would not back it.

If the bill is not passed, the default position is that the UK will leave the EU on 31 October without a deal. And the man from Change UK, Chuka Umunna, said there was "simply not enough time" to hold a referendum before 31 October.


New Poet Laureate?


The BBC tells us: “Poet Simon Armitage, whose "witty and profound" work spans sharp observations about modern life and classical myths, is to be the UK's next Poet Laureate.” Armitage replaces Dame Carol Ann Duffy, whose had the job for the past ten years, unnoticed.

Blast-It’s culture person, Kendosan, took a look at some of Armitage’s work, he was not impressed. Profundity was absent and wit was slight.

Tories thrashed in local elections


The Tories lost 1300 seats and Labour lost around 100. Apparently, it was down to the main parties' inability to deliver Brexit. That's it, there's no more!

Note: The Lib-Dems were in an ebullient mood after gaining 700 seats. Only Vince Cable thinks this actually means some thing.

Radio presenter makes a monkey of himself


Danny Baker, Radio 5 Live presenter, posted the tweet below after Meghan Markel gave birth to a boy,  Archie Harrison Mountbatten-Windsor.


Baker claimed he didn't know it was Meghan who had given birth after he was sacked by the BBC for the tweet.  He told the head of BBC Five Live to 'fuck off' and said the phone call was a 'masterclass of pompous faux-gravity' when told he would no longer be working at the station.

Note: Apparently, faux means not genuine; fake or false. Baker said his tweet was a comment on class, it was not racist. Why was Baker using the word faux? Also, why didn't the BBC sack Alan Sugar when he was racist about the entire Senegal Football team?

Gavin Williamson sacked, so what?


Mrs May made Gavin Defence Secretary in 2017. He did not do much in the job, except make himself look a Charlie by telling Russia to "shut up and go away". He apparently leaked info' from a Security Council meeting to the press. Penny Mordaunt gets his job. And Rory Stewart gets her job as International Development Minister. Now, this last item is the real news story. Stewart said he would resign as Prisons Secretary, within a year, if he did not fix the crisis in the prisons system. He said that in August 2018 and now he has jumped ship!

Fiona Onasanya, episode 4


We had the lies, then the court case, then the jailing... now, 27% of Peterborough's citizens want a by-election to oust her. Only 10% is required to force a recall. This is history in the making. If they dump her it will be the first time that the Recall Act has actually been used to effect.

A Bridge Not Far Enough... for the London Assembly



The story of the Garden Bridge in less than 100 words...

Johnson and his chums decided to build a garden bridge across the Thames. A Garden Bridge Trust was put in charge of the project. Transport for London had oversight of the project. The mayor, Johnson, was too busy spaffing to bother with the detail. The Garden Bridge Trust made a mess of things. Chiefly, they dished out a construction contract without acquiring the land on the Southbank or gaining the necessary planning permissions. TfL slumbered until the London Assembly decided to set up a commission to discover where the wasted £53m went, £43m of which was public money.

Change UK?


New political party Change UK currently only have one policy: They want to remain in the EU. It's hard to grasp how you can change our broken politics by sticking to a key feature of the breakage, in the shape of EU bureaucracy. Only an idiot would tell you they want to change things by keeping things the same?

Change UK put up 70 candidates for the upcoming Euro elections and lost one candidate on day one. It turns out that Ali Sadjady, a former Tory and Twitter twit thinks that all Romanians are pick pockets - he's not ready for change just yet.

Update: Change UK turned down help from the Lib-Dems. Poor old Vince Cable just couldn't understand them.

Sri Lanka Bombings


Bomb blasts killed 321 people and wounded 500 on Easter Sunday in Colombo, Sri Lanka. Churches and hotels were targeted. The government there are pointing the figure at Islamic State but really they do not have a clue. So far they have managed to arrest 30 people just to make it seem as if they know what they are doing.

Sacks of cash


In Sudan President Omar al-Bashir was ousted from power on 11 April after 30 years. A search of his palace revealed millions of dollars in sacks - you can't blame him for not trusting the banks with his money.

April 12: Brexit Day!


For the past week Mrs May has been talking to a Labour team, comprising,  Brexit secretary Sir Keir Starmer and shadow business secretary Rebecca Long-Bailey, in the hope gaining some help to get her Deal through the Commons and has achieved nothing. Today she's off to Europe again to get a further extension, to the end of June. The EU 27 want a longer extension to December or beyond to March 2020.

No, the new deadline is 31 October and means the UK is likely to hold European Parliament elections in May.

Another Black Hole


Star gazers have managed to snap an image of a black hole in a galaxy 500 million trillion kilometers away. This nonsense cost £40 million and should enhance our understanding of space not in the least.

Operation Yellowhammer


As part the contingency plans, the Ministry of Defence (MoD) has made 3,500 troops, including reserves, available to be deployed if necessary. That is, if we ever leave the EU?

Bercow gets confused


The ludicrous Commons speaker, John Bercow, claimed yesterday that ‘Part of the role of speaker is to speak truth to power – and no matter what, I always will’.

Vote Leave drops appeal


The Vote Leave referendum campaign, fronted by a pair of stooges, Boris Johnson and Michael Gove, was found by the Electoral Commission to have funnelled £675,315 through pro-Brexit youth group BeLeave, days before the referendum in 2016, which helped ensure it did not breach its £7m spending limit. They were fined £61,000 for the overspend. The stooges knew nothing about the overspend, Gisela Stewart, chairperson of Vote Leave knew nothing and Dominic Cummings, who spent most of the money, knew nothing.

New Parties, what for?


Dominic Cummings wants to start a new Brexit party - what will it be called - the Stooges? Cummings must have failed to notice Farage with his new Brexit party, or UKIP now fronted by Stephen Yaxley-Lennon, aka Tommy Robinson. Then again, perhaps Cummings missed the independent group forming Change UK this week.

The best option would be for Cummings to get stuck in a lift with Yanis Varoufakis and they could both bore each other to death.

March 29, we're still in the EU


Mrs May put her Deal before the Commons for a third time and it got rejected again. Labour voted against on mass and around 120 Tories voted it down. Our 'remainer' parliament does not want to get off of the Euro Gravy Train.

May intends to present her Deal for a fourth time next week...


We are not leaving!


Our political representatives have been conniving and scheming not to leave the EU on the March 29 or ever since the Referendum. This past week they got 99% of the way there. Just one more week and they will tell us they need a short extension, to May or June, if the House votes for May's twice rejected deal but is she does not get the result, then, they will tell us they want at least another year....

Failing Grayling v.3


Watch this space. If we don't leave on the 29th, then Grayling's deal with the ferry companies will cost another £20 million.


Geoffrey Cox, 49p is all his worth


Attorney General Geoffrey Cox managed to forget, for six months, the thousands of pounds in rent from his London flat in his back pocket. He apologised to Parliamentary authorities for not registering the money as income. Cox once earned £800,000 in a single year for his work as a criminal barrister - but he still claimed 49p in expenses to pay for a pint of milk. Let's hope he is not claiming for his acting lessons - he clearly thinks he's Richard Burton.

David Steel Suspended from Lib-Dems


Lord Steel, under questioning told the Independent Inquiry into Child Sexual Abuse on 13th March that having discussed child abuse in Rochdale with slimy Cyril Smith he assumed that Smith did it but Steel didn't think it was anything to do with him.

The Scottish Liberal Democrat Zombies have met and agreed that an investigation is needed. What on earth is there to investigate?

Boris the Buffoon spaffing again


"One comment I would make is that I think an awful lot of the money, an awful lot of police time, now goes into these historic offences and all this malarkey - £60m I saw was being spaffed up the wall on some investigation into historic child abuse and all this kind of thing." on LBC

An email sent to the Last Leg, suggested that the world would be a better place if Stanley Johnson had spaffed Boris up the wall.

Multiple Sclerosis makes MP appeal against speeding sentence.


Fiona Onasanya went to the Court of Appeal, using her solicitor skills to tell the Court that the judge at her speeding trial 'got it wrong'. She was innocent! The three judges listening to her complaints ruled that the judge at the original trial was a good ol' boy and she was wasting her time or rather everybody else's time. She wanted a full appeal case and the judges said get lost. The Labour party have started 'recall' proceeding against her.

Note: If she is forced out via a by-election then she will be the first MP to fall foul of the 2016 Recall Act. (see 29/01. and 26/02. below for earlier episodes of the Onasanya saga.

Failing Grayling V.2


Transport secretary, Chris Grayling, is like a well known piece of software that's full of bugs and requires updating on a daily basis. He is by every measure a bumbling idiot. His latest achievement, carrying out a secret franchising process with ferry companies, one with no boats, post-Brexit, and leaving the tax-payer liable to a court settlement for Eurotunnel of £33m. Why, because cunning Chris chose not to invite them to the tending party.

Note: Chris still has Trembling Theresa's confidence.

Don and Un


North Korean leader Kim Jong-un met with US President Donald Trump in Hanoi to chat about nuclear weapons. Kim wanted all the sanctions imposed in 2016 removed before he would give up a third of his nuclear arsenal. Trump wanted all the nukes gone before lifting sanctions. No deal! The press called it a summit, it was rather a meeting of loons, dangerous looms - we are all doomed.

Note: Un has executed at least 70 members of his own government and the idiot Don called him a great man.


Labour now want a second referendum


Finally, Labour have stopped being dishonest about what they really want. The majority of MPs do not want to leave the EU, their behaviour over the last two years has been hopeless. The only way they can save themselves from further embarrassment is to pray for an extension to Article 50, to vote for a second referendum and hope that the populace vote to stay in the EU - on the grounds that our elected parliamentarians are too useless to manage leaving the EU.

Fiona Onasanya is OUT


Fiona Onasanya, former Labour MP, jailed for lying about speeding was released from prison after only one month of her three month prison sentence. Fiona was paid £6,400 whilst inside - nice work if you can get it.



Thus far 8 Labour MPs have defected and 3 Tory MPs have joined them in something called the Independent Group. They have a website.

Update: Another one left but says he's not joining the Independent Group - nobody cares mate.

Jihadi bad news, citizenship revoked


Home Secretary, Savid Javid has written to the parents of jihadi bride Shamima Begum informing them that their daughters British citizenship has been revoked - that's the end of that then. Does that mean that all the other jihadi Brits, currently on their way back here, will be told they can't come in? Watch this space!

Update 20/02/19: Apparently, the 'bride's' mum comes from Bangladesh and Savid thinks she should go there. Bangladesh told him to get lost.


Orwell lives in Romford


Investigatory PowersThe media were all over the story of Shamima Begum, the IS bride who is not enjoying life on the wild side anymore and wants to come home and have her baby on the NHS - tough. Oddly, the media failed to notice the police testing their facial recognition tech. at Romford Station. The Investigatory Powers Act allows them to do this, so they are.  Last week, people were being stopped, searched, made to show ID - and one innocent man was fined after covering his face and standing up for his rights - according to Big Brother Watch?

Amber Rudd: Honesty at last


The work and pensions secretary said she was "absolutely clear there were challenges with the initial roll-out" of Universal Credit and that the difficulty in accessing money was "one of the causes" of the rise in the use of food banks. The Trussell Trust says that in areas where UB is introduced food bank use goes up by 50%.

Failing Grayling


Chris Grayling, Transport Secretary, was asked in the Commons how much he had spent on his 'no ferries' deal with Seaborne — “nothing”, said he. This was all very curious because National Audit Office report said that £800,000 had been spent on consultants. And would there be any legal fees to come now that Grayling (11/01/19) had pulled the plug on his deal with Seaborne Freight — Failing Grayling was not the person to ask.

Multiple Sclerosis makes MP lie about speeding


Solicitor and MP (but not for long) Fiona Onasanya had denied being behind the wheel when her car was spotted being driven at 41mph in a 30mph zone, in July 2017. She said her lodger was behind the wheel but it turns out he was not even in the country in July 2017.

The Peterborough MP was thrown out of the Labour Party after being convicted of perverting the course of justice. The court heard that Onasanya was texting as well as speeding. She blamed her behaviour on multiple sclerosis. The judge, unimpressed, decided to lock her up and throw away the key - well, for three months anyway. Her brother then stepped in to take the rap for her and the judge, unimpressed again, gave him ten months (Festus was a serial speeder).

May loses Brexit vote


Mrs May's EU Withdrawal Deal was voted down in the Commons.

MPs voted by 432 votes to 202 to reject the deal, which sets out the terms of Britain's exit from the EU on 29 March.

Labour leader Jeremy Corbyn has now tabled a vote of no confidence in the government. This will be debated on Wedsnesday 16/01/19.

Will it trigger a general election - watch this space?

Update: 16/01/19 Corbyn's no confidence vote went nowhere.


Bad start to the year for Transport minister Grayling


Seaborne Freight was awarded a £13.8m contract to operate freight ferries from Ramsgate to the Belgian port of Ostend if the UK leaves the EU without a deal - but it does not have any boats - How did that happen Mr Grayling?





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