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Northern Ireland population 1,788,400.



Since 1998, NI has had a devolved government with the UK.

2018: Northern Ireland has been without a government for two years as talks to form a power-sharing government have failed. Blame it on the Renewable Heat Incentive scandal - don't ask, it could only happen in NI. DUP leader, Arlene Foster is up to her armpits in trouble over this one.

In truth the province is more trouble than it's worth.






























United Kingdom


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300 miles to the west of Scotland you will find uninhabited Rockall because it's merely a piece of granite and the rock is disputed by the those Cod stealing Danes and Icelanders. Our victorious navy planted a flag on it in 1955. It wasn't quite a Port Stanley moment.





A mile off the coast of Ross and Cromarty, red circle on the Scot map, you will find the island of Gruinard, for the longest time contaminated by wartime anthrax experiments. The island is worth a look, through a long telescope!




Some Facts

The United Kingdom (UK) comprises four countries: England, Scotland, Wales and Northern Ireland.
The United Kingdom population as of Wednesday, April 11, 2018 was 66,485,633.

Great Britain or Britain: refers to England, Wales and Scotland and all the surrounding islands but not N. Ireland. Various islands such as the Channel Islands are Crown Dependencies.




The Scottish border is 70 miles to the north of Newcastle upon Tyne. The Welsh border runs from Flint to the north and Chepstow in the south.

The population of England is fast approaching 56m.


The Tory party has been in charge since 2010 and their austerity measures have destroyed the social fabric of the UK, principally by cutting support for those most in need.

The main opposition party, Labour, appear clueless. There are no other parties of significance.


In Wales, the Labour group are in charge of the Welsh Assembly. The Assembly has a small degree of independence on legislative measures.

The population of Wales is 3.2m. (2018 estimates from NSO)




Scotland's population is 5,254,800. this includes: the Shetland islands 22,300 pop. living across 15 islands, Orkney Islands, 70 islands, of which 20 are inhabited, pop. 21,349, Hebrides Islands, the islands' total population at the 2011 census was 27,684. (2011 census)


The Scottish National Party control the Assembly and have 35 MPs at Westminster. The Scotland Act 1998 enabled devolution and the Scots had their own parliament up and running from July 1999. The SNP are a pro-independence party. However, following a referendum on independence in Sept' 2014, 55% voted no. Following the referendum the SNP were bribed by the Tory government to stop fretting by being given more powers, e.g., over taxation.

The Fantasy

The SNP dream of becoming independent of the UK and remaining in the EU.


Ethnic composition of the UK

White total: 55,073,552

Irish Traveller: 63,193

Asian British total: 4,373,339

British Mixed: 1,250,229

Black or Black British: 1,904,684

Other total: 580,374

PS. There may be up to a million others that one no knows of or cares about?