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eCAP rejects 'wellbeing', 'mindfulness', and every other slice of happy clapping nonsense coming from the Downing Street Nudge Unit!







Tell the charity muggers to get lost, they killed Olive! Remember Olive Cook






eCAP rejects Absurdity

Golly lost his place on marmalade jars in 2001. But long before that the Absurdists were mounting their assault, in the early 1980s, when Mr Golly lost his job at Enid Blyton's Toytown garage. He was replaced by white Mr Sparks, that smacks of racism.




eCAP Rejects Banners

Marching around waving banners full of demands and slogans has had its day. All banners do is tell the enermy what you want. So governments read your banners, throw you a few crumbs and then you go away. March without banners, march in silence then you'll get them worried - leave them clueless, that's all they deserve.


Reject Tory Crumbs

The Tories have been adjusting your expectations downwards for decades, so that you would never be disappointed with the crumbs that fell from the their banqueting tables.


Reject the cashless society... who does it help?


Not you! The high speed race towards a cashless society is being driven by the banks and governments. Their purpose, data manipulation and technological snooping and ultimately, social control. Imagine a future scenario in which your every purchase can be monitored and matched to your medical records, and your decision to purchase that supersized meal is removed by a 'refuse to serve' notice determined by a machine.

Be aware that in the USA 80% of purchases are made via electronic transactions and in Sweden only 3% of of transactions are made with currency - even the beggars have card readers.

Reject Smart Meters... they're just not smart!


These meters are yet another example of technological creep. These meters supply frequency of use data to the energy supplier. Such data has already been supplied to law enforcement agent in the USA to track down citizens growing marijuana in the spare bedroom. These meters are also vulnerable to cyber attacks and you could end up paying for someone else's electricity.

If your energy supplier says they want to change your meter because its too old and they want to replace it with a smart meter, say no thanks, I'll have a new dumb meter or a smart meter with all the communications switched off.

Smart meters were first championed here by Ed Miliband as a energy or money saving venture but so far we've seen no evidence.

The Smart meter roll out will cost £14bn and that will be paid for by you!


Reject Care Homes: Waiting Rooms for Death


Michael Parkinson, acting as New Labour's 'dignity tzar' once described 'care' homes for elderly citizens "as little more than waiting rooms for death".

Parkinson's report makes you wonder why people bother with this waiting room system and don't just go straight to the undertaker. Picture the scene, up and down every high street throughout the land, old duffers, well passed their sell by date, sleeping rough outside the Co-Op Funeral Directors. No doubt Parkinson will be there, handing out free biros and touting over 50s’ insurance schemes.


Reject Death Insurance, even if some old codger like Michael Parkinson is offering a free biro 'just for enquiring'.


Have you seen those nice old people on afternoon television worrying about being a burden when they depart and telling you all about their decision to take out some over-50s insurance plan. They tell you how much better they feel now they have done it. Why should they worry about what happens when the lights go out? They should go on a cruise around the world.

Be aware that if you decide to take out one of these plans that if you miss a payment you lose everything, if you want to stop paying, you lose everything. And if you keep paying until you are 90 or die, then you most certainly pay in far more than your plan pays out. In short, these plans are a con, unless you are really quite unwell and intend to die quite soon, then take out a plan and someone will be quids in.