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When asked about Mrs May's decision to hold a snap election in June 2017.

Brenda said: "Oh, no, not another one!"


Brenda also famously said: "Go away!"

to a stupid journalist who thought it might be a good idea to sound Brenda out on the result of Mrs May's election victory.













































© Kendosan 2019


The Manifesto


Convivial Society

There can be no specification for a convivial society amidst the absurdity of ennobling self-important spivs, giving out lordships to political party funders and selling arms to mass murdering Arab tyrants.

There is no specification for a convivial society and why would there be, while the ever grateful masses are content with a world created to serve the profit making money grubbing spivs, a world where the supposed magical powers of inanimate objects like the next iPhone are worshiped, a world where bought and paid for politicians are ever keen to tell us how virtuous it is that the spivs employ people.


The Failure of the Free Market Meritocracy

Are you a willing to continue participating in the more of the same society? Don't you think it's about time you rejected any more of that? We send our children to school to be processed as model consumers; encouraged to believe in self-fulfillment, self-belief, self-aggrandisement and self-delusion. And the designers of all this nonsense tell us that it will add up to some worthwhile outcome but for whom? Where is the wonder of the free market capitalism? Why is it failing to weave its magic to produce Louie Armstrong's Wonderful World?

Our education system fails to enable citizens to make a positive contribution to society, it fails to enable individuals to live well and flourish as human beings.

The clamour for a new generation of grammar schools, selection and a second coming of the meritocracy, that failed the first time around to use its specialness to improve the world we all live in - to create a convivial society - as an alternative to technocratic disaster, beyond the drones driven from Langley remotely to the next great tech' leap forward, autonomous weapons that seek out their own targets in the style of Sky Net.

The wise guys of Silicon Valley are busy working towards the singularity, the point where the machines think for themselves, the point where the machines do the thinking without consideration for what you desire. Google are in the forefront of this charge into oblivion. The financial money grubbers will be queuing up to finance a project that removes the contrariness of human agency from their casino. And our politicians will be there to hand out subsidies and legislative support to the risk taking entrepreneurs.


The Failure of Politics

Like most of life's mysteries, no one knows how we ended up with a first-past-the-post voting system that ill-serves the voting public and makes it virtually impossible for new parties to mount an effective challenge to the two main parties. Once politics was about ideologies but that was at a brief moment in time, long gone now. Now, politics is about playing a board game called Duplicity, the aim of the game is to stay in as long as you can - serving no one but yourself and citizens vote for more of the same every five years.


Beyond Absurdity and Common Sense


Before we construct a menu of items required for a convivial society we need to list the preconditions for construction.


The Convivial Society requires the rejection of absurdity... a necessary condition for framing a convivial specification.



...stands as a proxy for what some call

common sense...

...those unquestioned reference points that guide people in their daily lives.

Although you prepare yourself for the spectacle, although you know that the peasants are about to start dancing again, you will always be astounded. Idiotic media types shove microphones under the noses of the dancers, perchance to gather an unpolished gem of inspired reflection on the wonderment of the occasion.

It's marvellous, it's wonderful and they relate how pleased and full of joy they are, and how they have travelled miles to stand outside a private hospital in Paddington for a week, to stare at the closed doors or stand outside Buckingham Palace to stare at a piece of paper, announcing a new arrival. Kate Middleton, who married into the Windsor family and metamorphosed into the Duchess of Cambridge, gave birth to a son. An otherwise quite unremarkable event, given that over 2000 other children were born in Britain on the same day, except that this one was inexplicably special... that's the definition of absurdity.

What we need is a bit less Common Sense!

Hegel once famously said that he felt at home in the world when he knew it but even more so when he had a conceptual grasp of it.

There are those among us able to grasp little more than a can of Stella...


Dismiss the obvious


Crucial to our analysis of this world is the idea that nothing is obvious and anyone who says things are obvious should be viewed with deep suspicion.

R. D. Laing once observed that the deluded man finds his delusions so obvious that he can't understand why the rest of the world doesn't want to share them. Frequently, however, people do share the delusions of mad men, they believe things are as they are because it's obvious and then, they call it common sense - they share their understanding with the children, they tell them this is the way the world is, they talk of culture, national identity, heritage and other intangible nonsense.

Then, they go and stand outside a private hospital in Paddington because it's obvious that we need a Royal family and it makes perfect sense to encourage them to keep breeding.