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Charity Muggers Kill Old Lady


This week we heard of the death of 92 year old Olive Cooke, who was hounded to death by a host of ghoulish charity fundraisers. Over a one month period Olive received 276 begging letters from charities as well as being bombarded by numerous calls every day from blood suckers, leeching the goodness out of the poor woman. After months of being hounded, she quite simply had enough and decided to throw herself off the Clifton Suspension Bridge.

Last year citizens gave £10.6bn to charity, how much of that giving resulted from harassment and extortion is unknown. We do know that the Fundraising Standards Board received over 8000 complaints about charity extorters in 2013, that was a 50% increase over 2011. Now, those keen to show concern for the death of Olive are calling for tighter regulation of charity's fundraising activities. Don't hold your breath!

There is only one solution to the charity problem, in the first instance, ban all charity begging, and longer term, phase out the very idea of charity giving and stop papering over the cracks of the social failure to provide adequately for citizens' needs.