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The Broken Index


This England, this broken land, this mismanaged estate, oozing folly from the playing fields of Eton, to the slumbering chambers of Westminster and the Islamist study groups in Cable Street..... A poem for England


92 year old Olive Cooke was hounded to death by a host of ghoulish charity fundraisers. Over a one month period Olive received 276 begging letters from charities as well as being bombarded by numerous calls every day from blood suckers, leeching the goodness out of the poor woman. After months of being hounded, she quite simply had enough and decided to throw herself off the Clifton Suspension Bridge.Charity Muggers


Back in early 2015, PM Cameron, identified child sexual abuse as a 'national threat'. He also called for individuals wilfully ignoring the evidence under their noses to be charged with 'wilful neglect'. As usual Dave came across like a character from a Marvel comic, chest pumped out, primed for action and ready to legislate a new culture into this broken land. Child Abuse


Scarcity in economic thinking is presented as a given, a constant fact, sent to perplex expert minds. Having swallowed such nonsense, the experts have failed to provide a solution to what they call the 'economic problem' - how to optimise the allocation of those scarce resources between competing ends. Better leave things to the market then! Economics


Our education system misses the mark: the mark is to enable citizens to make a positive contribution to society and enable individuals to live well and flourish as human beings. No one should be surprised by this failure, listening to the voices clamouring for a new generation of grammar schools, selection and a second coming of the meritocracy, that never managed to arrive the first time around to use its specialness to improve the world we all live in - to create a convivial society.Education


Leptin is a hormone that lives in fat cells and its job is to tell your brain when you have had a enough to eat, i.e. that you really do not need another can of fizzy muck. However, fructose made the world fatter and the politicians started to notice that something was wrong with the output of the food industry but the industry was only interested in super sized profits.Food & Public Health


The Government planned to slash £2bn from the housing benefit bill, it's gone up by £4.7bn. Nearly all new claimants are in work but can't afford to pay their extortionate rents. And 42% of tenants are living in sub-standard properties.

The Tories have no plans to regulate private landlords or to introduce rent controls, they prefer people control.Housing crisis


MP Frank Field asked what kind of a person would behave the way Sir Philip Green has in relation to the workers at BHS, the answer's simple - a callous, indifferent sociopathic kleptocrat.Looter


Jeremy Hunt is in-charge of the Health Service and he doesn't have a clue what's going on, no matter, he has no responsibility for anything. The murders, the management failures, the treatment failures, staff shortages, the drug rationing, all nothing to do with him. His job is policy, that is, privatising the NHS. NHS: reform without improvement


Everyone must work longer and contribute more to their pension pots and they must be satisfied to get less at the end of the day. George Osborne's Legacy

And yes, they must trust the financial markets, the pensions peddlers, the regulators, the trustees, the employers, the politicians and everyone else that has betrayed workers' pension prospects over the past decades. Pensions


‘Perfect command of temper is indispensable.’ Police training should transform a ‘wild young fellow’ into ‘a machine, moving, thinking and speaking only as his instruction book directs… Stiff, calm and inexorable, an institution rather than a man’

If you encounter this policeman call Crime Stoppers on 0800 555 111... He was last seen in the 19th century.Policing

Our modern managers turning politics into a board game called Duplicity, where lying is deemed to be an acceptable part of continuing in the game for as long as you can, and when you get 'caught out', you don't leave the field of play, you lie some more. Points flipper Chris Huhne lied for 8 years to stay in the game, then they got him for perverting the course of justice and gave him a full four weeks in an open prison? Politics - rotten to the core

Staff shortages, government cuts, mental illness, self-harm, drugs, particularly, Spice easily available, high re-offending rates, violence and disorder rising, prison education hopeless and rehabilitation a pipe dream - now that's what you call public policy failure…. Liz Truss is in charge and she tells us: "There are no quick fixes". Prison crisis and the Justice System


The number of elderly care places has been falling for several years. There are now 70,000 fewer places available than there were when New Labour came to power in 1997. 11 million of the UK population are pensioners, 1 million are over 85 years old. About 5% of pensioners need a care home. By 2020, three quarters of those in need will not be able to find a place in a care home. Half a million elderly people will be left in their own homes to rot quietly.Social Care


Apparently, we are at war, with terrorists, criminals and drug barons and in order to protect us the government needs to listen to all our conversations, read all our emails and track our web use. All this snooping is designed to protect citizens' cyber freedom, so don't have nightmares. State snoopers


It's estimated by Tax Research UK the total tax gap between what's owed and collected is £120bn a year: £25bn in legal tax avoidance, £70bn in fraudulent tax evasion and £25bn in late payments. In truth, this is all guess work, no one knows what the true figures are. Tax dodgers


A vibrant economy needs to move people and goods around the nation efficiently. Britain does not have a vibrant economy, neither does it have a transport policy. What Britain has is projects and cones. It has a quango, the Highways Agency, responsible for moving the cones around. It has a Department for Transport, responsible for projects. It doesn't have a transport policy. Transport in disarray


A smoking gun, a dead boy, two bullets in his head, no bullets counted in, army destroys evidence, coroner returns an open verdict, a shadowy figure is seen running away... a secret inquiry is held, the army says it's just another suicide....Unfinished Business


Food banks are a common feature of the wasteland. The growth in the food bank sector does not signify growing poverty but rather growing awareness of food banks. On another planet such nonsense might have meaning but in the current circumstances its Tory drivel. None of the agencies involved in the troubled families campaign were able to supply the names of a single family that had been turned around through intervention.Welfare


E. P. Thompson, in his The Making of the English Working Class, 1963, observed that the working class was "present at its own making". In the space between then and now the working class seems to have disappeared, present at its own demise, no doubt. The Working Class, where did it go?


The common features of the modern workplace are easy to identify; overwork, low pay, no pay, zero hours, low productivity, the rise of distributive working. Hipsters kid themselves that they are like musicians, not working - only gigging, pleasing themselves on the hours they spend working for Uber and Deliveroo, free and flexible with no employment rights, no sick pay, no pensions, no security. Work and willing slaves