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This year's entry for the Turnip Prize 2018


Germ free

The Guardian's art critic described the installation above as "beyond inspiration or a portal to a another dimension".

The Guardian's art critic obviously knows what he is talking about...





total golf


This is Blast-It Magazine with a hyphen, it has no connection to Blast magazine, the First World War literary magazine of the Vorticist movement. You will search in vain for Vorticists on this web site. We do, however, have something in common with the sardonic, humorous and vitriolic tone of those old Vorticist luvvies.

Blast-It Magazine (with a hyphen) also has nothing to do with the so-called frenetic, family word game, Blast It, currently being touted by Amazon. It also has nothing to do with pressure sand blasting systems but good luck to sand blasting systems everywhere, nor does it have anything to do with companies that blow things up. The term 'blast it' is here used informally to mean to criticize someone or something severely, so we would appreciate it if M16 stands down.

The aim of Blast-it magazine (with a hyphen) is to promote Samizdat, self-expression, self-publication and to rail against the absurdity of a society that puts profit before people.

P.S. Blast-it magazine (with a hyphen) has nothing to do with golf.


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