The Gravy Train


Many of the countries within the EU do not meet the Copenhagen Criteria: i.e., the standards required to get a ticket for the Gravy Train. In essence, they are travelling without a ticket, freeloading!

This link provides you with a snapshot of the 27 countries that Britain needs to appease to get a good Brexit deal.

An example of an EU basket case


Slovakia is the bit that used to be on the end of Czechoslovakia, well it's not there any more since Slovakia went independent in 1993 and joined the EU. And appeared to be doing very nicely thank you.

Except for a few teething problems ... restrictions on freedom of religion; concerns about the integrity of the judiciary, corruption in national government, local government, and government health services; violence against women and children; trafficking in women and children; and societal discrimination and violence against Roma and other minorities.


Iconic Moments Viv Nicholson

Take a journey back through some of those moments that leave a trace on the mind, everything from "Rivers of Blood" to "Peace in our time...", expenses fiddling, Duck House owning MPs, bigots, foolish pledges and cats in wheelie bins.



What we have seen is our modern managers turning politics into a board game called Duplicity, where lying is deemed to be an acceptable part of continuing in the game for as long as you can, and when you get 'caught out', you don't leave the field of play, you lie some more.


Coalition Record


No government can be characterised more for broken promises, u-turns and silliness than the ConDem Coalition Government, 2010-2015. Lying and silliness abounded, Liam Fox and his odd friend Adam Werritty, Patrick Mercer, who befriended the whole of Fiji for cash, bin man Oliver Letwin, the man with three names, Grant Shapps, Huhne the liar, and many, many more.



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Cost of Royal Wedding not revealed!

Belhaj gets his apology!

Commons coverup?


The Elderly Peoples' Action Party (eCAP)


The Elderly Peoples' Action Party (eCAP) is a postmodernist rejectionist movement aimed at anyone who has had enough of Waiting for Godot. The party aims to create a Convivial Society to replace the technological nightmare that outdated modernist thinking is busy creating, while the billionaires prepare to leave the mess they have made behind as they board Virgin Galactic.



means having your say about anything you like. You can keep your scribblings to yourself or publish them for the world to read or not, it does not cost anything. There's nothing worth watching on the box in the corner, it keeps serving up the same comatose inducing, mind numbing banality, so start writing!

The Broken Index

Poss Boy GeorgeThe Broken Index keeps you up to date with the repair work. In 2010 our Captain David Cameron and his first mate, George, told us that Britain was broken and they were the men to fix it. Six years later it was not fixed and they both jumped ship, leaving a broken mess in their wake. The Tories gave the job of steering the ship to a clueless bag lady. A traumatised public did not seem to mind that they had been cast adrift by a couple of posh boys and voted for the bag lady in waves in 2017? Not to worry, May, the bag lady says she wants to make Britain a “country that works for the many and not just the few”. But there will not be any free lifebelts!


Annual Reviews

Nick's Pledge to far

Annual Reviews from 2009 through to 2017 for you to remind yourself of the happenings you've forgotten about or missed along the way. 2016 was an odd year, a referendum took place on staying or leaving the EU, the leavers won the day but the stayers couldn't cope with that outcome and started saying that the world would now come to an end. 2017 was odder, Trump was in the White House and guns, made in the UK, were being used to massacre children across the globe, isn't capitalism marvellous?

Review of the Year 2017, it was nothing to be proud of...


Citizen Guides

drivingThe Citizen Guides provides comment on everything although no one needs to know everything, in fact most people get by knowing very little and anyway, most of the things people claim to know are just things the Daily Mail made up. Here you will find several essays on many topics, including American Exceptionalism and the correct use of indicators.

The Sambuca TroughPhilip Green

The wine bar spivs are still gorging themselves at the Sambuca trough, snorting their nasty white powder and generally taking the piss out of citizens who work for a living. The private equity cowboys continue to plunder company value and the pension funds of their workers. Have you heard the one about a man who bought a company for £1 and took out £2.5m before it collapsed and put 11,000 people on the dole.

Fact Book

fact book globeThe world is full of facts and you will not find this one in the CIA Factbook: In 1997 the US agreed to decommission the 31,000 tonnes of Sarin, VX, mustard gas and other agents it possessed within 10 years. In 2007 it requested the maximum extension of the deadline permitted by the Chemical Weapons Convention – five years. Again it failed to keep its promise, and in 2012 it claimed they would be gone by 2021. Also, by presidential order (Clinton) no outside agency may oversee, inspect or verify anything to do with America's decommissioning programme.

Also, for the record, the US and Russia – insist on keeping the pathogen Smallpox in cold storage, just for defence, you understand.





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Golly lost his place on marmalade jars in 2001. But long before that the Absurdists were mounting their assault, in the early 1980s, Mr Golly lost his job at Enid Blyton's Toytown garage. And then that nitwit Ken Livingstone banned Golly from County Hall - so much for inclusivity Ken!



Art Critics

wrong way

It's just incomprehencible how evolution managed to spawn a species called art critic?